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No New Posts Ancient Scrolls

Here you will find the rules and regulations. Along with other information that might be of use to you.

3 3 Map and Geography
by Annabelle
Aug 20, 2011 13:44:59 GMT -5
No New Posts Character Creation

This is the third step! First is joining, second is reading the rules. Welcome to A Path to be Chosen! Now make your character once you have acquired the password located in the rules. Please use the form provided for you.

Sub-boards: Pending Apps, Canon Characters, Bending Mares, Bending Stallions, Other Mares, Other Stallions

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No New Posts Logs

Place your character logs here. Make sure you link it back to it in your signature.

7 25 Major Chars~
by Major
Sept 2, 2011 20:29:15 GMT -5
No New Posts Plots

Post here if you want to plot or have a plot. Site wide plots are very fun and museful. But they don't have to be site wide.

3 24 Plots
Aug 30, 2011 20:07:09 GMT -5
No New Posts Makin' Babies

Post stats of the two parents in order to get a new foal. The staff members will post the stats of the foal for you.

2 2 Foaling Form {Staff Members}
by Dakota
May 24, 2011 23:59:33 GMT -5
No New Posts Random Events

Here is where random events are posted. A Disaster? Or maybe a Surprise? You'll have to wait and see.

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No New Posts The Black Market

This is the store! Many items are for sale here, you may even be able to buy your character bending abilities! Please check out the store for more details.

1 1 Our Wonderful Selection
by Dakota
May 25, 2011 21:12:47 GMT -5
No New Posts Kidnapped

Post here to attempt to kidnap another. Whether is be for love or for blackmail.

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No New Posts Fire Nation Capital

The Fire Nation Capital is home to the Royal family as well as the nobles. This is the largest Fire Nation city. The only access to it is to swim or fly. The Royal plaza, located at the base of the Volcano, is where others who aren't a noble or Royalty may come to graze. Many defenders of the Fire Nation also stand post here. Up the side of the zig zag road of the Volcano in a creator is where the Royal family and important nobles reside. Commoners aren't allowed here unless they have permission from the Fire Lord. The Agni Kai arena is also located here.
Fire Lord: Zuko
Fire Lady: Katara

Sub-boards: Royal Palace, Agni Kai Arena, Noble's Homes, Pastures

6 20 Upon a Dream [Bahira]
by shiveringsoul11
Sept 10, 2011 0:14:43 GMT -5
No New Posts Northern Water Tribe

This city has walls of ice that prevent unwanted visitors from entering. In order to enter you must show that you are not going to attack the tribe, or if you are a water bender you can just enter. This city flourishes with life, which is why it is considered the Kingdom of the Water benders. Those who come must be protected against the harsh winter climate that horses here have to endure all the time. Any horse can live here, permitting if they are going to attack or not. The Chief Palace is where the Royal family resides, the most recognizable landmark here. There are healing huts located in random places around the Tribe. Mares and fillies may learn to heal others here. This place is also the home to the Spirit Oasis. The Moon and Ocean spirit reside here in the lush garden. It is warm only in this spot.
Chief Head of State: Bayn
His Mate:

Sub-boards: Throne Room, Healing Huts, Plaza, Spirit Oasis

1 1 Northern Water Tribe Ranks
Aug 20, 2011 13:12:34 GMT -5
No New Posts Ba Sing Se

The most noticeable landmark of Ba Sing Se is of course the large wall that surrounds it. The wall's purpose is to keep the enemy out, as well as the riff raff that might disturb the strange peace within it. It is the largest city in this world, and could even be considered the size of a country. Life flourishes in here, but once you go in it is very hard to get out. The only way to open the gaits is if you are an Earth bender, as they are giant stone walls to. In the outer walls there is vast amounts of grazing pastures as well as Lake Laogai and several mountains. Walls were created within the city to keep horses separated based on their status and rank. This is the safest place for world refugees because of the large walls that are almost impenetrable. The lower ring of the walls is home to the peasants, the middle ring, the middle class-men horses, and the upper ring which is home to important horses including the Royal family.
Earth King:
His Mate:

Sub-boards: Upper Ring, Middle Ring, Lower Ring, Agrarian Zone

1 14 Living Low {Open}
by megan
Sept 7, 2011 14:29:16 GMT -5
No New Posts Southern Air Temple

This temple is very peaceful and large. It has an air ball arena for young and old air benders to play games. It also has a sanctuary where statues of all the past avatars reside. This place is the best place for young air benders to train. Many of the doors here are only to be opened by air benders. The spires are blue rather than green which is a trait the other air temples have. It is located high in the mountains and is only located if you can fly or air bend your way there. Not much is known about this Air temple as it is very secretive and secluded. NOTE: This place is for male air benders to train only. The female places are the East and Western Air Temples.
Lead Monk: Aang
His Mate:

Sub-boards: Air Temple Sanctuary, Temple, Air Ball Arena, Winding Paths

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No New Posts Fire Nation

The Fire Nation is located here, except for the Fire Nation Capital which has it's own board. It is located near the planet's equator, which makes the temperatures like a tropical paradise. Several Fire Nation islands are located here. Volcanoes are all over these islands, and many are still active. There are many pasture lands here due to out bursts of fires wiping out the forests. There are prisons and an ancient civilization also appearing in this nation.

Sub-boards: Avatar Roku's Temple, Sun Warrior Temple, Ember Island

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No New Posts Earth Cities

This is the largest land mass in all the nations. Maybe small colonies of Earth horses live all over this nation. There are mountains and tones of grass to go on. Dense coniferous forests are spread in the northwestern area. A large desert is also located in the Earth Nation, but a warning: Maybe get lost in this desert and some even die.

Sub-boards: Omashu, Kyoshi Island, Si Wong Desert

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No New Posts Water Tribes

Horses who practice and are born into the water bending nations are located here. The Southern water tribe, which has the same climate as the Northern Water Tribe. There is also a small water tribe that is located in a swamp. Very strange things happen there. Except for the swamp areas, the water tribes have a very cool climate where there is snow all year round. Food can be scarce.

Sub-boards: Southern Water Tribe, Foggy Swamp Tribe

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No New Posts Air Nomads

Different temples are located at each corner of the globe. This is the smallest nation, with only four known temples. Two are ruled by stallions, and the other two are run by mares. Autumn is the season of Air benders, so each temple's climate revolves around that. Not very much is known about these temples, only that they are very spiritual like the benders themselves. Each temple is said to bring peace among the horses that can reach here. The only way to reach here is if you can fly or carefully go to it.

Sub-boards: Northern Air Temple, Eastern Air Temple, Western Air Temple

3 10 Stats
by Aria
Sept 6, 2011 8:54:22 GMT -5


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No New Posts Training Dojo

Horses may come here to train in which ever element they want to. Master's and their students may come here as well. This place is good for all sorts of elemental training. There is a large lake with a strong current, and stagnant water, for water bending practice. There are cliffs and large rocks for Earth bending practice. And of course the air and fire benders can produce their element. (Air is all around). The weather here is strange as it usually goes by who ever is training. If it is a water bender then it is raining or snowing, air, usually leaves falling and strong winds. If it is a Fire bender, then the sun is high and it is very hot. In the earth bender it has spring like qualities.

3 4 starting the inferno {Charlie}
Sept 2, 2011 13:59:21 GMT -5
No New Posts Slave Master's Home

This is where the slave master lives. He/She controls all of the slaves that are in the Avatar world. They hope to not be noticed by the Avatar or another Kingdom, but they don't think that a kid can harm them. This place is flourishing with grass and has a creek running through it. There are high mountains that enclose the area with large trees that hide it. It is very hard to see from any direction.
Slave Master:
Their Mate:

Sub-board: Slave Area

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No New Posts Meadowing Valleys

Lush grass grows across this vast land. A small pond is also located here, but it is somewhat hidden by the large trees. These trees have huge leaves that are bigger than most horses. Be careful if they fall on you they might crush you. Many horses come here just to eat the grass and bathe in the fresh pond. Love, friends, or even enemies can be made here.

3 15 somebody call 911 [open]
by hailey999
Dec 17, 2013 16:21:27 GMT -5
No New Posts High peaking Mountains

Large mountains reach toward the sky at this place. Many paths carve this place though making it a nice hike for whoever comes across this place. The weather here, however, can be treacherous. This place can be great for practising air bending or water bending. Earth benders can also be found here using the cliff sides. Fire benders can come here as well, but sometimes the weather makes it harder for them to control their bending.

1 8 In the high peaks [OPEN]
Aug 20, 2011 11:44:42 GMT -5

-->Back in Time

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No New Posts Valley Suns

You can play your character as a foal in this area as well as the rest of the areas in this category. None of these lands are open from claim. This land is a large valley with trees surrounding the perimeter of it. There is a large lake in the middle of it.

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No New Posts Playtime Beach

You can play your character as a foal in this area as well as the rest of the areas in this category. None of these lands are open from claim. This is a beach that is on the ocean. The water is salt water. There is sand everywhere and a few big rocks that are placed permanently in the Earth.

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No New Posts Spooky Forests

You can play your character as a foal in this area as well as the rest of the areas in this category. None of these lands are open from claim. A large forest that always seems to be foggy and dead like. Only brave little colts and fillies will enter this forest.

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-->Out Of Character

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No New Posts Staff Room

Staff hold discussions regarding the site, contests, etc.. here.

2 2
No New Posts To and From the Staffers

If you wish to speak to the staff about a problem or an idea, post here! Staff will also post announcements here to. Keep on the lookout for new ideas and contests!

4 25 New Skin
by firebender
Oct 8, 2012 17:03:14 GMT -5
No New Posts School

This is a place where you can come and improve your role playing skills. There will be mentors here that will help you every step of the way! The list of mentors is located in this board.

3 7 Sign up!
by Annabelle
Aug 31, 2011 10:53:32 GMT -5
No New Posts Advertising

If you wish to advertise or affiliate with us, please post in these boards! Please make sure that before you post your ad that you have a place where we can link back to you.

Sub-boards: First Timers, Link Back, Affiliate

220 229 Final Chance Weyr
by Rouxy
Jun 20, 2019 17:39:40 GMT -5
No New Posts Graphics

If you wish to have a picture done for your character, please post! If you are providing pictures make sure they are STOCK pictures. And please be patient with our graphics people. They don't spend all day working on pictures. If you haven't gotten a reply in a few days, bump your thread and ask nicely.

Sub-board: Pick-up

16 35 Bayn for Charlie
Sept 5, 2011 15:10:07 GMT -5
No New Posts The Scuttlebutt

Any OOC threads can be posted here, as long as they are appropriate of course.

3 14 Hello there! [my journal]
by Annabelle
Sept 1, 2011 21:09:09 GMT -5
No New Posts Going Away

You can post here if you are leaving us, going on vacation, or taking a hiatus. We would like to know.

6 11 =P
Sept 13, 2011 15:03:51 GMT -5
No New Posts Archives

Old threads/bios will be posted here. If you wish to have one posted out of here, please PM a staff member with the link to the thread as well as the place you wish to have it placed.

Sub-boards: Bios, In Character Threads, Out of Character Threads, Staff Conversations

45 317 Of the Month!
by Annabelle
Sept 10, 2011 13:00:37 GMT -5


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